Valentine’s Day Dance

This entire week, from Monday to Friday, tickets to the Valentine’s Day Dance are on sale! The tickets are $3 each. Bring extra money for pizza, pop, and baked goods. No cameras or phones are allowed at the dance. Happy Valentine’s Day! đź’—original

Spirit Week – February 8 to February 12

From February 8th to February 12th, Reuther is having another spirit week! Here are the details:

  • Monday the 8th: Wacky Day
  • Tuesday the 9th: Tropical Day
  • Wednesday the 10th: Black and White Day
  • Thursday the 11th: Rainbow Day
  • Friday the 12th: 6th grade wears red, 7th grade wears purple, and 8th grade wears pink.

Don’t forget to dress accordingly!




Hey Band Kids!

Hey Band students! There are some really exciting events on our calendar this year! There will be field trips, performances, and Band Festival coming up!
February 20– 7th and 8th grade trip to Kalahari
February 23– 7th grade band prefestival concert at RHS
February 24– 8th grade band prefestival concert at RHS
***Tentative date for band festival:  Thursday, March 3rd. **** (Mrs. Holden will let you know ASAP when they confirm our date/location)
March 23rd– 6th grade band concert at RHS
March 28– 7th grade All City Band Concert at SCHS
March 31-April 1– 8th grade band to Chicago!
In addition, make sure you turn in your practice chart and your playing test if you haven’t already. Late work will be accepted before the end of this semester, Friday January 29!

New Start!

Hey Reuther, after our Semester Exams, January 29th is the last day of Marking Period 2! On February 1st is the start of the new marking period and new classes. If have not all ready printed out your new schedule then go to your MyRCS page and find out! Lets start this new period off great!


Book Club!

There is a new book club at Reuther! The book club meets with Mrs. Lawshea in the media center every Thursday during 8th grade lunch! They are currently reading The Testing, by Joelle Charbonneau. If you still want to come to the next meeting, read chapters 1-5 before next week Thursday!



Exams Schedule!

Day 1- Wednesday, January 27, 2016

7:25-8:55 am- 5th hour exam

9:00-10:30- 6th hour exam

10:35- 12:13- 4th hour

6th grade lunch: 10:35-11:05

7th grade lunch: 11:07-11:37

8th grade lunch: 11:39-12:09

12:14-12:54- 3rd hour

12:59-1:39- 2nd hour

1:44-2:22- 1st hour


Day 2- Thursday, January 28, 2016

7:25-8:55- 1st hour exam

9:00-10:35- 2nd hour exam

Day 3- Friday, January 29, 2016

7:25-8:55- 3rd hour exam

9:00-10:35- 4th hour exam


Attention Science Olympiad!

Many big events are coming up for Science Olympiad!

First of all, the $20 fee for the team t-shirt is due by today, Thursday, January 21st. Be sure to wear your t-shirt to our next big event, which is the invitational competition.

The invitational will take place on Saturday, February 6th. See Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Rossell, or the Science Olympiad Edmodo page for more information on the invitational.

After this, the official competition is on Saturday, February 27th, at Detroit Country Day. The official competition is for both Team A and Team B, while the invitational is only for Team A (the competitive team).

Good luck to everyone on Science Olympiad!


Solo and Ensemble Practice!

7th and 8th grade band will have a recital to perform their Solo and Ensemble pieces to special guests tonight, during 6pm-8pm. Students performing solos will be in the choir room (room 135), and ensembles will perform in the foods room (room 128). Good luck performers!



Midterm Exams Schedule

It’s that time of year again…midterms!

Here’s our full exam schedule for 2016:

Wednesday, January 27

  • 5th hour (exam)
    • 7:25-8:55
  • 6th hour (exam)
    • 9:00-10:30
  • 4th hour (lunch included)
    • 10:35-12:13
  • 3rd hour
    • 12:14-12:54
  • 2nd hour
    • 12:59-1:39
  • 1st hour
    • 1:44-2:22

Thursday, January 28 (half day)

  • 1st hour (exam)
    • 7:25-8:55
  • 2nd hour (exam)
    • 9:00-10:35

Friday, January 29 (half day)

  • 3rd hour (exam)
    • 7:25-8:55
  • 4th hour (exam)
    • 9:00-10:35

Basically, each day from Wednesday to Friday, you may have up to two exams. Wednesday is a regular-length school day, but Thursday and Friday are half days. Be sure to check with your teachers to get finalized dates! The semester ends on January 29th.