Hey Band Kids!

Hey Band students! There are some really exciting events on our calendar this year! There will be field trips, performances, and Band Festival coming up!
February 20– 7th and 8th grade trip to Kalahari
February 23– 7th grade band prefestival concert at RHS
February 24– 8th grade band prefestival concert at RHS
***Tentative date for band festival:  Thursday, March 3rd. **** (Mrs. Holden will let you know ASAP when they confirm our date/location)
March 23rd– 6th grade band concert at RHS
March 28– 7th grade All City Band Concert at SCHS
March 31-April 1– 8th grade band to Chicago!
In addition, make sure you turn in your practice chart and your playing test if you haven’t already. Late work will be accepted before the end of this semester, Friday January 29!

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