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Amy is one of the authors of this blog. She goes to Reuther Middle School, and is in the 8th grade. Her favorite subject is math. She is currently in the Reuther Band, and plays the flute.




Jordan is one if the Authors for this blog. She attends Reuther Middle School and is in 8th grade. She enjoys playing basketball, running track, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subject is Language Arts. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.  image (1)


Brooke is one of the authors of the Reuther Middle School. She is apart of the Reuther cheer team, and she loves science! She enjoys going to school and learning new things.reuther cheer





Rishma is also one of the authors of the Reuther Students blog. She likes to read, write, and travel. She hopes to someday go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. Her favorite series is the Harry Potter series, but she enjoys a wide variety of books. 513a78ef28a881a3896cee9553c82236




Skylar is an editor of the Reuther Middle School blog. She enjoys soccer, running, writing, and traveling. She loves Christmas and her favorite subject is her Adv. Language Arts class.


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